Researchers from AU to teach locals to meditate

At a recent meeting, the Aarhus City Council voted to help local residents combat stress by giving them an hour of free mindfulness every week.


Chalk one up for the Aarhus City Council on the cosmic municipal balance sheet – for voting give local residents free weekly guided meditation sessions 

The Liberal Alliance was the only party that voted against the proposal, which won’t be much of a burden on the municipal purse –  researchers from the Danish Center for Mindfulness at Aarhus University will be leading the guided meditations free of charge.  

According to the head of the Danish Center for Mindfulness, psychiatrist Lone Overby Fjorback, the first session will take place within a month’s time at Aarhus City Hall. Subsequent sessions will take place at Concert Hall Aarhus. 

Mindfulness in, stress out

The Aarhus City Council’s sustainability committee is behind the new initiative. The committee put forward the proposal because stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise. 

“This initiative won’t reverse this trend on its own, restoring well-being and reducing loneliness. But it can be the first initiative in a partnership between the Danish Center for Mindfulness at Aarhus University and the Aarhus City Council that gives local residents an opportunity to work on improving their mental health once a week together with others,” Fjorback explains. 

As head of the Danish Center for Mindfulness, she is responsible for ensuring that the guided meditations are based on solid research findings.

As mentioned above, the sessions are free. But you need to sign up in advance.

Omnibus will follow up when the practical details are in place.


Danish Center for Mindfulness