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About the university newspaper Omnibus

Omnibus is the official newspaper for staff and students at Aarhus University.


Omnibus aims to be a medium that creates identity, brings people together, and inspires debate.


Omnibus has editorial freedom – and is edited independently of the particular interests of any group at Aarhus University.

Editorial staff

The editorial staff consists of two journalists who only work for Omnibus and a student worker. 

Editorial guidelines

Omnibus is edited with due regard for journalistic news values, the rules governing good press ethics and the Danish Media Liability Act.


Sources of the articles in Omnibus have the right to be informed about what they are being quoted for, and about the connections in which they are used as sources in articles. Factual errors and misunderstandings will be corrected. Sources have no influence on the form and content of articles, which are determined by the editorial staff.

Editorial committee

One of the tasks of the editorial committee is to ensure the editorial freedom of Omnibus. The committee consists of two representatives of the academic staff, two representatives of the technical and administrative staff, two students, and a representative of the management.

Members of the editorial committee:

  • Rune Stubager, professor at Political Science, represent the academic staff (chair)
  • Ning de Corninck-Smith, professor at Danish School of Education, represent the academic staff
  • Inger Merete S. Paulsen, bioanalysis instructor at the Department of Biomedicine, represent the administrative staff
  • Tine Horsholm, lawyer at AU Finance and Estates, representant represent the administrative staff
  • Lasse Louis Svendsen, study Technology Based Business Development, represent the students
  • Jonathan Rossen, study Education Science, represent the students
  • Kurt Nielsen, vice-dean at Faculty of Techical Science, represent the management

Terms of reference for editorial committee and editor-in-chief of Omnibus (in Danish)

Read article about the editorial committee

Complaints about Omnibus

The editor-in-chief deals with and responds to any complaints about Omnibus. The editor informs the editorial committee of any such complaints.

Practical details

Omnibus was published on print six times a year but are now only published online at (in Danish). You can find an English version on