Remember your face mask when you visit the canteen

The government has made face masks mandatory in restaurants, bars and cafes – and this also goes for AU’s canteens.

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At a press conference on Friday 18 September, the government introduced new measures in the fight against the coronavirus. One of the new measures that came into effect on Saturday 19 September is mandatory face masks in cafes, bars and restaurants.  This also applies to AU canteens that are open to the public. So if you pop into a canteen for a coffee, member your face mask.

You have to wear a mask when standing or moving around in the canteens, but you can take it off as soon as you sit down.

Face masks required in front of the canteen at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus

Some canteens are adjacent to other communal areas. This applies to the canteen at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. Here you need to remember to wear a face mask in the dining area in front of the canteen itself, regardless of whether you actually enter the canteen or not.

Some of the seating areas on the ground floor of the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus are also blocked off.

Signs explaining the rules have been hung up at each canteen.

Translated by Lenore Messick