International students: Danes are friendly, helpful – and really hot!

The international students who visited the Omnibus stand at this year's study fair have passed judgment on Danes. We’re friendly and good looking - -and some of the students are even here because of all the lovely boys and girls.

[Translate to English:] De studerende på den internationale studiemesse har fældet dom over danskerne. Vi er venlige, hjælpsomme og flotte, men også reserverede og lidt mærkelige. Foto: Miriam Brems.

The students who took part in the international study fair were asked what they thought about Danes. They were given a pen and the chance to tick a number of possible answers. This produced the following (unscientific) statistics:    

Danes are... (from left to right) quite friendly and ..., a little weird, reserved, funny, hard working, lazy, boring, good looking, ugly. Graphics: Miriam Brems

The clear first place with 84 votes goes to Danes being "very friendly and helpful." However, roughly half of these also point to Danes being reserved – despite their friendliness.    

Here to look at lovely boys and girls 

Second place in characteristics goes to the "good-looking" category, which no less than 69 per cent have ticked. A couple of students have also commented that they came to Denmark because of the "hot boys" and "hot girls" – though our educational system was more often highlighted as the reason for choosing Denmark rather than other countries.     

Danes have great style    

Only 12 students described Danes as hard-working. "Lazy", "ugly" and "boring" (fortunately) get only 1-2 votes each, while the middle group includes 27 votes for "fun" and 24 for "a bit weird". A couple have added that Danes have great style – and one that Danes are drunk.     


A little brother complex? 


Due to a lack of space, New Zealand was left out of the world map. Two visitors from New Zealand quickly changed that with a drawing of the island – though more or less twice as big as it should have been, so a magnifying glass had to be drawn around it to justify the proportions. They did admit that the drawing may reflect a "little brother complex' towards Australia. Photo: Miriam Brems.

Translated by Peter Lambourne