International students rate the Danes: Friendly, but (perhaps) less dateable

The international students at this year’s study fair have passed their verdict. According to Omnibus’ annual unscientific survey, the Danes still get top scores for friendliness – but have fallen behind on dateability. In any case, they rate the locals’ looks lower than last year.

[Translate to English:] De internationale studerende, der besøger Omnibus' stand på studiemessen, kan hvert år deltage i avisens uvidenskabelige meningsmåling af deres holdning til Danmark og danskerne. Foto: Miriam Brems.

It’s become an annual Omnibus tradition to ask the international students to answer questions about the Danes when they visit our stand at the study fair. This unscientific survey is the result of three big paper questionnaires filled out with a felt tip.


Graphics: Miriam Brems.

The clear winner in the survey of the Danish national character was ‘very friendly and helpful’, with 70 votes, followed – perhaps paradoxically – by ‘reserved’ in second place.

The Danes are still good-looking  – but maybe less so?

The bronze medal goes to ‘good-looking’, which got almost as many votes as ‘reserved’. But things (or the Danes) could look better: at last year’s study fair, the exterior aesthetics of the Danes came in second, with almost as many votes as ‘very friendly and helpful’.

Here for hygge and happiness

Fortunately, the international students didn’t choose Denmark on account of the physical attractiveness of the local population. They’re drawn by hygge and not least by Denmark’s reputation as the happiest country in the world, with a high standard of living and good work-life balance.


The international students marked over 40 European destinations, 12 in Asia and 7 in North America. 3, 2, and 1 are visiting from Australia, South Africa and Africa respectively. Photo: Miriam Brems.