25th anniversary

Junior Consult was founded 25 years ago by a group of students from the former Aarhus School of Business, which is now part of Aarhus University. One of the founders was Karl Kristian Hansen. He never imagined that Junior Consult would still exist 25 years later. Today he is director of the consultancy firm Hansen Toft.

"We were driven by a pioneering spirit and grappled with the projects without really knowing exactly how they should be approached or invoiced. For me, the motivation was clear – I wanted to be a consultant once I finished studying. And this was an opportunity to try that out and get some experience."

He has continued to follow Junior Consult over the years and also helped out with good advice along the way.

"It’s great that Junior Consult still exists, and for students it's a fantastic opportunity to test themselves in a relatively harmless environment that is also a really tried-and-tested concept."

After many years in the consultancy business, he is also convinced that a student job at Junior Consult can be a springboard to a career as a consultant.

"It's not just a question of finding a student job. It’s about finding a job that is relevant in relation to what you want to do afterwards. When we hire, we look at whether the applicants have done anything out of the ordinary. And I think that the young people at Junior Consult have done just that. It shows you that here you have a student with ambition and energy."

Translated by Peter Lambourne