Up to 30 students at Aarhus BSS have COVID-19

Up to 30 students, primarily from the business administration and law programs, have contracted COVID-19 over the course of the past week.

[Translate to English:] Mange aarhusianere er blevet testet positive for COVID-19 den seneste uge. Op mod 30 af dem er studerende fra Aarhus BSS. Arkivfoto: Lise Balsby

In a written statement, Per Andersen, vice-dean for education at Aarhus BSS, observes that students generally behave responsibly on campus. But that they may be letting their guard down in other situations. Andersen puts it this way on studerende.au.dk:

“Many of the infected students have participated in parties outside campus, and we cannot rule out that there is a correlation between participating in these parties and the subsequent COVID-19 infection.

He then makes this appeal to students at the faculty:

“Everyone needs to be particularly cautious and to continue their good on-campus behavior in their free time. It is a shared responsibility between the university and the students to act in a way that contributes to ensuring that we can maintain as much on-site teaching as possible.”

If you test positive, report it

Like the other four faculties at AU, Aarhus BSS has a procedure for dealing with COVID-19 among both students and employees. So if you are a student and are infected, Per Andersen strongly encourages you to report it to the university.

“In this way, you will help us minimise the spread of infection of campus as quickly as possible. Many students have already done so and this is much appreciated. It shows responsibility towards your fellow students,” Per Andersen writes. 

Both of the degree programmes tend to have large classes. 430 applicants were offered admission to the law programme at AU this year, and 570 were admitted to the business administration programme.