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Aarhus University has received more than 19,000 quota 2 applications. And 12 per cent more applicants than last year have listed an AU degree programme as their first priority. This is by far the highest level in recent years. AU’s new veterinary programme in Foulum has received over 300 first-choice applications.

Photo: Ida Jensen/AU Photo.

AU’s degree programmes are popular among this year’s applicants. The quota 2 application deadline was 15 March, and the final application stats are in.

AU received 19,457 quota 2 applications, an increase of about 10 percent over last year. This is the highest number in at least the last six years. There was also an unusually high number of first-choice applications this year: 7,315 applicants listed AU degree programmes as their first choice, an increase of more than 10 percent over 2023.

The two faculties which saw the largest increase in applications are Technical Sciences and Aarhus BSS. Tech went from 1,480 in 2023 to 2,178 applications this year, while Aarhus BSS - as has been the case for many years - received the most total applications, and went from 7,337 last year to 8,113 this year.


AU's new veterinary programme at AU Viborg in Foulum has also gotten off to a good start. The programme received 572 applications, 317 of which were first-choice. The new veterinary programme will open in Foulum as a result of the national relocation reform launched by a coalition of parties in 2022.

An article on AU’s staff website quotes Pro-rector Berit Eika, who is pleased that so many applicants have chosen AU – including the veterinary programme in Foulum:

“I’m delighted that so many young people find our degree programmes exciting and relevant, and I hope that many of them will be able to call themselves AU students after the summer holiday. It’s also positive that there is so much interest in our new veterinary programme in Foulum. A lot of work has gone into creating this outstanding degree programme in Foulum, and it seems that many young people are eager to become part of this new educational offering,” says Pro-rector Berit Eika.

The top 10 degree programmes in the quota 2 application round: First-choice (total applications) 

1. Psychology and Behavioural Sciences 933 (1,980)

2. Medicine 720 (2,097)

3. Economics and Business Administration 648 (1,594)

4. Law 463 (1.161)

5. Business Administration 422 (917)

6. Cognitive Science 400 (800)

7. Odontology 397 (839)

8. Veterinary Medicine, veterinarian 317 (572)

9. Political Science 182 (545)

10. Dental Hygiene 175 (400)

Source: AU.


The total number of applicants to higher education programmes in Denmark increased by 4 percent over last yer. There was a total of 54,279 first-choice quota 2 applications to university degree programmes. Christina Egelund, Denmark’s minister for higher education and science, highlighted the fact that applications to STEM programmes increased, while also noting with regret a decline in applications to social welfare-related professional degree programmes, such as nursing and primary education:

"I'm pleased to see so many applications to higher education programmes, but I'm naturally concerned that the number of applications to the social educator and social worker training programmes in particular continues to fall, and that the number of applications to nursing and primary school teacher training programmes is not showing any significant increases from the low levels of previous years. This calls for action, and it's a development we need to reverse. On the other hand, I think there is reason to be pleased that more people have chosen to apply to STEM programmes and that more international applicants have chosen to apply to Denmark," the minister was quoted as saying in a press release.

The deadline for quota 1 applications 5 July at noon, all applicants will receive a response on 26 July, AU states.

Translated by Lenore Messick.

Development in quota 2 applications at AU

2024: 19,457 applications - 7,315 first-choice

2023: 17,945 applications - 6,601 first-choice

2022: 16,671 applications - 5,938 first-choice

2021: 18,046 applications - 6,130 first-choice

2020: 15,732 applications - 5,852 first-choice

2019: 14,943 applications - 5,536 first-choice

2018: 14,866 applications - 5,599 first-choice

Source: AU.