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Two food-interested graphic designers took a trip to the State and University Library cafeteria at Nordre Ringgade in Aarhus – and the trip turned out to be well worth the effort. The food was fresh and tasty, the cakes were delicious, and the atmosphere also got top marks.

2015.06.01 | Sara Rosenkilde Kristiansen

There were high spirits and happy taste buds when two enthusiastic graphic designers tackled the buffet at the State and University Library cafeteria. It was so good that even the photographer had to try the food. Photo: Lars Kruse

Photo: Lars Kruse

Photo: Lars Kruse

Photo: Lars Kruse

Reviewed by: Astrid Reitzel and Nikolai Lander, both graphic designers at Events and Communication Support, AU Research Support and External Relations.

Food: The first thing we notice before entering the cafeteria is the menu for the week. There are two dishes each day – and the detailed descriptions are already getting our taste buds going. Sicilian veal breast and barbecue-marinated leg of pork are on the menu today. No doubt about it – we’re going to taste both. We also notice that the cafeteria is following the newest trends: You can pay using your telephone with MobilePay, and there are dispensers to disinfect your hands at the entrance. Things are looking good already.

We’re really hungry and ready to tackle the inviting buffet. There is an exciting and varied selection with interesting salads. They look fresh and there is no doubt that the cafeteria is using seasonal ingredients – something we like to see. In addition, their sandwiches are packaged in small bags with clear dates and a description of the filling. There are also typical Danish open sandwiches costing DKK 12. They look like they’re home-made. Their cold water is tapped from the coffee machine – a little unusual. We choose a raspberry bar and a slice of home-made rhubarb pie from the large selection of cakes. When we come to the till to pay, we also receive an enthusiastic description of our food.

We try the sauce and mashed potatoes first. Both are delicious and creamy and have plenty of taste. It’s like having your grandmother in the kitchen.

The food tastes of something and it has different consistencies. The Jerusalem artichokes are crisp and the veal breast is tender and tasty with horseradish on the rind. The glazed pearl onions taste amazing. Astrid is a fan of humus and it’s also really good.

The leg of pork has a fine marinade, but it is slightly anonymous and dry – nothing to shout about, more of an accompaniment to the humus and pesto.

After looking at the cakes for long enough it’s finally time to see what they taste like. We get a latte and a cup of coffee, though the cup of coffee is a little ordinary from a machine without fresh milk in the latte. Astrid likes the raspberry bar. It tastes good and isn’t greasy. Nikolai exclaims: "Blimey, this rhubarb pie tastes great." The only complaint is that there could have been a bit more fresh rhubarb in it.

Price: We pay a total of DKK 156 for our feast, which also included a juice and an extra slice of meat. Of course eating here everyday would be expensive, but it’s a fair price for the quality. You can also choose to use a smaller plate or make use of their voucher system.

Atmosphere: The State and University Library is cheerful and cosy. There is a mixed crowd of staff and students. It also turns out that the cafeteria is a meeting point for taxi drivers, who clearly know the very friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Conclusion: Not coming here before now was definitely an error on our part. This is a well-run cafeteria where the good food tastes of something. The salads reflect the cook's choice and match the dishes. They’re fresh and tasty. The cakes were also well worth a visit. We’re not in doubt – top marks for both the food and the atmosphere. With the remains of the raspberry bar we return to our office happy and full up.


Translated by Peter Lambourne.

Are you peckish and are your taste buds discriminating?

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