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Cafeteria review: There could be a better selection and it’s difficult to forgive a coffee machine that’s not working. But the food is tasty and the prices are easy to understand at Caf'Inn at Fuglesangs Allé.

2014.10.15 | Marie Groth Andersen

Bjørn Vinding Andersen (left) has set out to test the cafeteria’s selection of sandwiches but gets that envious look in his eyes as he watches Jesper Kjærgaard Graversen fill his plate with the hot meal of the day, chicken supreme. Though the chicken turned out to be a little overdone and dry. Photo: Anders Trærup

Photo: Anders Trærup

Photo: Anders Trærup

Photo: Anders Trærup

Reviewed by: Jesper Kjærgaard Graversen, business controller at iNANO, and Bjørn Vinding Andersen, project finance administrator at ST Finance.
As told to: Marie Groth Andersen
Photos: Anders Trærup

Food: The Studenterlaugets cafeteria Caf'Inn at Fuglesangs Allé in Aarhus serves one hot dish of the day supplemented with a salad bar, sandwiches and healthy snacks. Which is okay as long as the dish is well-prepared. But the concept is a little limited in our opinion, because if the dish of the day is not to your liking, then you’ll have to make do with a sandwich or salad.

'Chicken Supreme' is on the menu today. That means a breast fillet with salt and pepper fried somewhat to the dry side. Along with a salad of broccoli, bacon and a good, slightly spicy dressing as well as fried potatoes. Quite tasty even though the chicken is overdone.

We also tried a bagel with salmon, feta cheese, carrots, red onion and dill dressing – a good lunchtime sandwich in our opinion. Not all the ingredients in the salad bar seemed fresh but more like they came out of a bag. To make the salad bar really interesting they needed a bigger selection of dressings, toppings, humus and tzatziki.

The choice of drinks is good and includes a soft drink vending machine so you don’t have to carry a plastic bottle around, though we washed down our meal with bottled water.

The cafeteria also offers dessert. In the fridge they have skyr (sort of like Icelandic yoghurt) and fruit in bite-sized pieces. But we chose to test the two cakes from the buffet. A really good, spongy muffin with blueberries and a crunchy top. We can’t really say whether it was home-baked or bake-off, but that doesn't really matter because it tasted fantastic. The carrot cake with cream cheese icing was also good and a good size. But the critical factor was that the latte and cappuccino coffee vending machine was out of operation. That’s a no-no! So we were forced to drink a chai tea with mango and ordinary filter coffee. Both tasted absolutely fine.

Price: At Caf'Inn you pay a fixed price per 100 g for the dish of the day or a salad. And that is something we can understand. In many other cafeterias the staff seem to work out a price in their head which isn’t always particularly transparent. But here the prices are very clear and that is a big plus in our book. We end up paying DKK 114 for a large portion of the dish of the day, a sandwich with salad and two bottles of water. Plus ten kroner for a piece of cake and seven for the coffee. That’s good value for money.

Atmosphere: We like the space, which is new, airy and bright. The cafeteria itself functions well and the staff were quick to open an extra till when a queue began to form. You can either sit inside with a nice view of the grounds or sit outside and eat in the sun.

Conclusion: The cafeteria does not have a large selection but what it does have tastes good. It is not a culinary experience that inspires you to try something new. Just plain and simple cafeteria food. We would eat here again if we were in the neighbourhood on a course or something – but it’s not a lunch that we’d drive across town after. Though the transparent prices are certainly a plus.

Translated by Peter Lambourne  


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