Like the gardens at Rosenborg Castle on an overcast day

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Two students from the Department of Education felt it was high time that someone tried out their cafeteria at Emdrup. They killed two birds with one stone so that Omnibus' readers could find out more about the cafeteria at the same time. The came away thinking it was pretty average.

2015.04.01 | Sara Rosenkilde Kristiansen

Nothing was left to chance when Tobias Rose and Lucas Cone (black shirt) went to work tasting and assessing the food on their first visit to their local cafeteria in Emdrup. Photo: Ib Laursen og Michelle Fehlhaber

Photo: Ib Laursen og Michelle Fehlhaber

Photo: Ib Laursen og Michelle Fehlhaber

Photo: Ib Laursen og Michelle Fehlhaber

Reviewed by Tobias Rose and Lucas Cone, both second semester education science students
As told to Sara Rosenkilde Kristiansen
Photos: Ib Laursen and Michelle Fehlhaber

The food: The first thing that struck us when we walked into the cafeteria was that the buffet did not just have one cheese selection - it had three! That certainly symbolises something, abundance perhaps. There is bread, a salad bar, the dish of the day, a selection of desserts and sweets, as well as refreshments and sandwiches. The sandwiches are hidden away in a refrigerator at the rear of the cafeteria with the closed side facing you, so you have to turn them around to see the fillings. They don’t appeal to either of us, so we have instead gone for the dish of the day, comprising flank steak, French fries and various dips. We have also added a little salad. Tobias has taken a blueberry juice and chosen the cafeteria’s old-fashioned apple pie for dessert. Lucas has grabbed one of their mysli bars and a cup of coffee.

We’re impressed by the cafeteria’s French fries, which are crispy and delicious. The meat tastes fine, but it is difficult to cut with the cafeteria's cutlery. The dips – aioli and chili mayo – are delicious and also good with the salad. The BBQ sauce tastes just fine, but just not as a BBQ sauce.

The salad is a disappointment, unfortunately. All of the salads are heavy, while the pasta salad in particular is tasteless. The pasta is overdone and while it contains parsley and some excellent sun-dried tomatoes, both just disappear in the lack of texture. The salad is really lacking in its aesthetics and freshness, the ingredients have been chopped into large pieces, and it contains many beans and chick peas. A little fresh tomato would’ve helped. The dressing simply tastes of oil. So even though we enjoy the delicious French fries, the salad gives a negative impression.

The desserts are delicious. The reason for choosing the mysli bar was that it was the only one of the cakes which was homemade. It’s soggy and tastes a little of butter. However, we think the consistency is caused by honey. On the other hand, it brings the dull, mass-produced coffee to life – a nice symbiosis that brings out a good taste of coffee.

The cafeteria has no spoons, so the apple pie must be eaten with a plastic fork. It goes down quickly and is really good. The only complaint is that it should have had more macaroons to compensate for the sweet apple sauce. The juice is a bit dull and reading the label reveals that the ingredients which it uses to advertise itself, actually only account for six per cent of the juice. It consists primarily of apple juice, which isn’t mentioned on the front of the bottle.

Price: We paid DKK 114 and calculated that we must have paid around DKK 35-40 for each main course. That’s a little expensive for students, especially with a salad that wasn’t better than it was. DKK 25 for a main course would probably attract more customers.

Atmosphere: The cafeteria is pretty empty, but they have tried to make it cosy. There are flowers on the tables and low-hanging lamps, plus a fireplace that helps to provide a cosy atmosphere, even though it isn’t lit. Unfortunately, we also found a dirty coffee cups and other things, so it looked like they had made an effort but hadn’t quite got there yet. The staff are friendly.


Conclusion: Overall – an average experience. The French fries and the meat are pluses, but the salad is a minus. It was a bit like the gardens at Rosenborg Castle on an overcast day. Everything has been thought of and the framework is in place, but what’s missing is the sunshine that would make it a fantastic experience. They’ve tried to make the cafeteria cosy, and much of the food was good, though there were some blemishes.

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