The School of Dentistry cafeteria couldn’t satisfy two medical students

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Two study partners from medicine hungrily dug into the buffet at the School of Dentistry cafeteria. They were generally satisfied with the good and healthy food, but the cafeteria was difficult to find and they never did manage to sate their hunger.

2015.02.03 | Sara Kristiansen

[Translate to English:] Kristoffer Kjærgaard og Johannes Frasez Sørensen (blå skjorte) læser til dagligt medicin. De faldt for den hyggelige stemning i kantinen og var enige om, at de sagtens kunne finde på at besøge den igen. Foto: Anders Trærup.

Foto: Anders Trærup

Foto: Anders Trærup

Foto: Anders Trærup

Reviewed by Kristoffer Kjærgaard, and Johannes Frasez Sørensen, both fourth semester medical students. As told to Sara Rosenkilde Kristiansen 

Food: Johannes can smell fish the moment we walk into the School of Dentistry cafeteria. It rouses his taste buds and he just has to find the fish and taste it. We find our small plates and turn our attention to the dishes. Though it is a little difficult to work out the pricing and what belongs with what. On the other hand, the staff are very friendly and helpful.

The smell of fish turns out to emanate from a salmon quiche. In addition to this, the selection of dishes of the day consists of meatballs with parsley sauce, potatoes and fried carrots. There are also sandwiches, a salad bar and soup. As well as fresh fruit, cake, snacks and various drinks.

We arrive at midday but the food looks like it’s been there for a while. Johannes quickly dishes up the salmon quiche. We also go for the dish of the day, salad, a banana, a cookie, mineral water, an orange juice and two cups of coffee.

The meatballs are really good, but have become a bit dull. The salmon quiche has turned a little dry but still tastes good. It is made with various vegetables - certainly not a drawback. It seems like they are trying to serve healthy cafeteria food. In the salad bar we find some mixed salads, hummus, toppings and various dressings. We choose a few different things and find the food to be crisp and tasty.

Then we move on to the selection of sweets before fetching two quick cups of coffee. The staff tell us that the banana is organic and from Aarstiderne, and it only costs a paltry three Danish kroner. The cookie is crispy and tastes good, though we can’t agree whether it’s homemade or not. The coffee is dull – warm, weak and with a slight bitterness to finish. Not exactly a coffee explosion on your taste buds. The organic orange juice is, on the other hand, delicious and cold. The cafeteria prioritises organic food and that is a plus in our book.

Price: We pay a total of DKK 123 for our selection which is a pretty fair price. But we have to conclude that as a student, it’s not realistic to replace your packed lunch with a cafeteria visit on a daily basis. And it’s a shame that we were not completely sated for our money.

Atmosphere: The cafeteria is nice with lots of light coming in through the large windows. There is a cosy atmosphere. The sound level is comfortable and people are on their breaks. A few sit and work while they eat. The staff also make the experience better. On the other hand, the cafeteria is a bit out-of-the-way and difficult to find, which is a shame. And it’s a shame that you can only sit at long tables as some smaller tables would be nice.

Conclusion: We had a good and healthy lunch at a good price. It’s a cafeteria with good potential, but it’s characterised by perhaps not being the most visited cafeteria on campus. On the other hand, it’s really cosy. It was a good experience and our taste buds were happy, but we never did manage to stop our stomachs rumbling, so it can’t earn that fourth Omnibus logo. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the atmosphere earns top marks. We would encourage everyone to try it and plan to pay a visit again ourselves.


Translated by Peter Lambourne


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