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The Mathematical Cafeteria feels like a staff room with homely food. The quality is high and the price is low, so Omnibus' reviewers are impressed.

2015.12.03 | Adam Anker-Møller

The dessert brought smiles to the faces of Josefine Dueholm (left) and Line Slot in the Mathematical Cafeteria. Photos: Anders Trærup

Reviewed by: Josefine Mølbjerg Dueholm and Line Slot, both fifth semester political science students.

Food: The Mathematical Cafeteria is big. There are a lot of people and a lot of dishes to choose from. Josefine goes for the dish of the day, which is a traditional Danish dish called brændende kærlighed (literally: burning love, ed.) comprising mashed potato topped with fried bacon and onions), a chicken drumstick in paprika sauce, cabbage salad and a coke for her main course. For dessert she takes a raspberry bar and a cup of coffee. Line chooses a vegetarian dish primarily made up of chick peas, a salad from the salad bar and a bottled juice. Her dessert is squash cake and a latte.

Josefine’s dish is well received. The mashed potatoes are good and creamy, just like the way grandma would make it. Together with the bacon, beetroot and flat-leaf parsley, the experience is magnifique. The chicken drumstick is tasty and the salad is good and crisp, though without being spectacular.

Line’s vegetarian dish is also good. The chickpeas are not dry and the dish is well made, though the salad is unfortunately a disappointment, being a little too pale with too much tinned maize and pineapple.

After the slightly disappointing salat, the squash cake is a success. The cake is really big – and our reviewer really likes cake. It tastes of quality and home-bake. The latte is also good and it’s nice to be able to get something other than just a cup of regular coffee.

Josefine’s raspberry bar isn’t quite as good. It has been baked a little too much, so it wouldn’t win many prizes in a baking programme on television. On the other hand, the size of the cake is a plus, along with the coloured topping that makes it a proper raspberry bar. The coffee tastes like real coffee and is neither bitter or meagre.

Price: We are moved to tears. Two portions of food and two cups of coffee cost a total of DKK 135. That’s a very good and fair price – both of us are really full up. Also, the cafeteria’s prices are by rule of thumb as you dish up your own food. In our opinion that’s an extra plus as it adds to the informal atmosphere.

Atmosphere: Even though the canteen is very popular and the room is very large, the acoustics are still good. It’s easy to talk to each other over the table, even though others are sitting at our table. The atmosphere is down-to-earth and there are students working at several of the tables. A really cosy place, which only needs a single flower or two on the tables to score top marks for its atmosphere.

Conclusion: The cafeteria is cosy. Like a staff room in a good way. Lots of wood and good acoustics. The food is cheap, it’s good and it matches the cafeteria’s profile well, with greater focus on high quality rather than on being innovative. If what you want is traditional Danish food like meatballs, rather than quinoa salad and a dessert topped with pomegranate flakes, than the Mathematical Cafeteria is just the place for you.

Translated by Peter Lambourne

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