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AU historians guide you through the Danish history – the online course is free and open to everyone

Was the Viking Age in reality as portrayed in 'Vikings'? How did Denmark end up ceding Sweden and Norway? Has there been nothing but progress since the German occupation? You can learn more about this and much more if you follow the open online course in Danish history from the Viking Age to present time, created by historians from Aarhus University.

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Disclaimer: This text was translated by ChatGPT and post-edited by Maja Nørager Lavring and Marie Groth Andersen 

From Viking raids in the North Sea to climate agendas in a globalized present. The online course "A History of Denmark– From the Viking Age to the Present" on covers a broad spectrum.

The course is designed for first-year students at the university or individuals with a general curiosity and interest in Danish history, who want to dive into the most important events and periods in Denmark from the year 790 to present time. The course is created by historians at Aarhus University and is divided of nine modules, each including texts, films, and quizzes about the respective historical period.

An intro to Danish history

In the introduction to the course, history professors Bjørn Poulsen and Thorsten Borring Olesen write that: "The course provides an introduction to the history of Denmark as a political entity, from the eighth century to the present day "

The material in each module is divided into a presentation of the country's geographical area, international relations, political conditions, and cultural history. The course is open to everyone, and users are free to choose whether to open all nine modules or to just dive into a few selected ones.

Also available in English

The course is also available in English which might be relevant for international employees or students who want to learn more about Danish history.