Campus Guide - Herning: Semester party with neighbours from VIA, quiet rooms at the library and accessible teachers

There are about 1,200 students from all over the world at AU’s campus in Herning. Jesper Bjørn Schlæger is a BSc Economic and Business Administration student who’s also a tutor and president of the Student Activity Association. Here he shares is best tips for AU students studying on the Herning campus.

[Translate to English:] For 14 år siden fusionerede Handels- og Ingeniørhøjskolen med Aarhus Universitet og har i dag til huse i de hvide Henning Larsen-tegnede bygninger i Birk. Foto: Anders Trærup/AU Foto
[Translate to English:] Jesper Bjørn Schlæger har både undervisning i Aarhus og Herning. Foto: Privat


Jesper Bjørn Schlæger is a tutor and president of the Student Activity Association and is on his fifth semester of the BSc in Economics and Business Administration.

Where to find cheap coffee or lunch:

“I don’t drink coffee myself, so I’m on thin ice here. But rumor has it that the canteen on campus and the library in Herning have pretty good coffee. The canteen on Birk Campus has a reasonable, varied selection at decent prices.”    

Where to find cheap beer:

“There are two must-know places on campus: the Friday bar that’s near the canteen and Studenterhuset, which is in the middle of the housing area in Birk. Both places are run by students, and they offer student-friendly prices and cool activities. Parties on campus are typically organised by either the Friday bar (SSA) or Studenterhuset.

Herning also has great night life with a lot of variety, at least when we’re not hit by a pandemic.”

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Where can I find out about events on campus?

 “We use Facebook really actively to communicate about events or other relevant stuff. What you should follow as a student depends on your degree programme, but some good candidates are:    

There are a lot more, and the new students will find out about the most important ones from their orientation week tutors.”

The best place to read and write:

“In Herning, there’s a tendency to study pretty much wherever. Some people prefer to be able to talk together, so they choose the canteen, a study cell or a table in one of the hallways, while others go to the library, which has a space for quiet study in the back. You can also use the shared office facilities at Innovatorium on the other side of the street.”

Don’t miss these events:

“Every semester, there’s a semester party at Studenterhuset for AU and VIA students (our neighbours). The parties are usually thrown by SAA, and the Friday Bar and Studenterhuset are also involved.

There are also lots of parties, Excel courses, film evenings (large screen in the auditorium) and a whole lot more.”

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Your life as a student would not be complete without:

“...the strong international community on campus, the accessibility of the teachers, management and so on, and all the happy faces every day.”

One final piece of good advice:

“No matter what your strengths and abilities are, so get involved during your time as a student. Whether it’s as an event organizer, a bartender, a tutor or an active member of one of the big associations, you should find a place where you can join in and make a difference for other students – and for yourself.”

Translated by Lenore Messick