Share your favourite places with your fellow students

Where can I find a delicious dinner? Cool clothes? The wildest concert? Or the most pleasant park? That is the kind of thing that can be difficult to uncover when you are new in town. A group of international students are ready to help.

They have just launched the website #DiscoverCity which will help students in Aarhus – and later Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg – find their way to the city's many offerings such as restaurants, cafés, museums, parks, fitness centres, shops, cinemas and much more. The idea for the site won first prize in the National City Branding Competition in 2012, and since then the students have been working to realise the idea. They have now succeeded with support from Aarhus University, the Municipality of Aarhus, VisitAarhus and Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark.

Based on tips and descriptions from other students and users, the website also clearly marks all locations on a map so they are easy to find. The site is under constant development and you can also contribute by sharing your favourite places.

Translated by Peter Lambourne