New in Denmark? Now you can keep up with the local news and get tips from more experienced expats

There’s a Danish saying that good advice is expensive. But now just-off-the-boat internationals in Denmark can get good advice for free: a new free monthly magazine sharing tips from experienced expats has just been launched. And DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) has a new website – also free – that lets you read and listen to Danish news in simplified language and helps you with the difficult words.

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On Expat Insider’s list of the best and worst places to settle as an expat, Denmark takes first place for best-work life balance – but comes in last in the category ‘Ease of settling in’. A group of expats and Danes are now trying to change that with a new magazine, The International. The magazine is for expats in Denmark, and its pages are filled with good advice for recent arrivals by expats who know their way around. The magazine will be published once a month, and can also be read online:

According to The International, the magazine will focus on topics such as cultural adaptation, language, food and lifestyle.

Keep up with Danish news with easy-to-read aricles

Another challenge that can be just as difficult for expats as getting settled in Denmark is keeping on top of what’s going on in the country if you haven’t yet mastered the language. After all, not many international media cover the news in a country with a population of under six million souls. And Danish media offering news in English are just as difficult to find. But DR’s new site may make it easier to keep up with current events.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation has just launched the news site DR Ligetil (DR straightforward) which is aimed at the 600,000 Danes who have reading difficulties. The site offers the same news coverage as, but with one significant difference: the articles are written in simpler language, and the difficult words are marked in blue. If you hover your mouse over one of these words, a bubble with a definition pops up. You can also listen to the articles read out loud so that you can heard the words as you read them.