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New watering hole for thirsty students

On 6 September Studenterlauget are opening a new venue where all AU students can celebrate the arrival of the weekend. The new Friday bar is called “Klub.ling” and it’s in the Nobel Park.

[Translate to English:] Forberedelserne til den nye bar var stadig i fuld gang, da Omnibus kiggede forbi, men Studenterlauget lover, at baren nok skal blive klar til åbningen den 6. september. Foto: Anders Trærup

There’s plenty to tempt you: good coffee, cold draught beer, and a signature drink called “Nobel Fugl” (“Nobel Bird”), which is based on a secret recipe. And everyone is welcome to come along and taste this mysterious beverage, because even though AU’s newest Friday bar is actually the brainchild of the student organisation at BSS (Studenterlauget), all AU students are welcome.

The bar is in the middle of the Nobel Park in Aarhus: building 1482, room 149.

“The location in the middle of the Nobel Park is pretty symbolic because the bar isn’t only a place for parties. The room is always open and the bar itself is open every Friday from 2 to 9 pm. So you can also use the bar during the daytime and throughout the week. It’s a place where you can enjoy a good social life,” explains Stefanie Kerstin Krüger Petersen, who is the communication manager at Studenterlauget. She helped to design the concept behind the new bar.

The daily manager of the bar, Jasper Falk Outzen, adds:

“At first the music will be fairly quiet so you can have a chat or play a game. We’ll be turning up the volume later on in the evening so people can start dancing if they want to.”

Bigger, wilder, and more fun

The bar is opening on 6 September, and to celebrate the opening day there’ll be an after-party at Klub.ling’s big brother “Klubben” on Fuglesangs Allé. The “ØF” Friday bar will be there too.

“We’ll also be arranging what we call ‘Nobel Nights’ on the first Friday of every month. We’ll be open until 2 am and there’ll be a DJ and extra lighting on the dance floor. Nobel Nights are simply bigger, wilder, and more fun,” promises Outzen.

Studenterlauget is a non-profit organisation. The bouncers, bar tenders and DJs are paid, but the idea is not that the bar should make a profit. So the organisers are promising student-friendly prices.

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