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Six of the seven committee members are new, while one member continues.

2016.07.01 | Marie Groth Andersen

Omnibus' new editorial committee (from left to right): Tonny Brems Knudsen, Christopher Bering Baden, Lise Wogensen Bach, Carsten Fogh Nielsen, Lizzi Stausgaard, Damian A. Hertoft Goldberg and Steffen Selmer. Photo: Maria Randima

Omnibus has a new editorial committee. Or, at least, it’s almost new: Laboratory Technician Lizzi Stausgaard, who was also a member of the previous committee, is staying on for another term.

The editorial committee consists of two members of academic staff (VIP), two members of the technical and administrative staff (TAP), two students and a management representative. The committee has the task of ensuring Omnibus' editorial freedom. It also has an advisory function, and is charged with providing post criticism of the media’s publications.

The committee's tasks are described in the terms of reference for the editorial committee and the editor-in-chief. (in Danish)

At its first meeting, the committee elected Damian A. Hertoft Goldberg, educational counsellor at Health, as its contact person.

List of members of the committee:

Article, Omnibus, Omnibus, Omnibus, Omnibus

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