PhD students abroad: You may be exempt from the lockout

In a number of cases, the lockout – if it happens – will not apply to PhD students who are studying abroad.

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  • The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs and the PhD Association Network Denmark (PAND) have produced a flyer about what the strike/lockout mean for PhD students in Danish and English
  • AU’s FAQ page on the 2018 collective agreement negotiations  
  • Updated 10.15.2018: The links to the above mentioned information have expired and have therefore been removed.

As a PhD student, the lockout will not apply to you if you are:  

  • a PhD student at European University Institute
  • enrolled at a foreign institution for your entire PhD programme
  • enrolled in an institution of higher education in Denmark, but are completing part of the programme at a foreign research institution in accordance with your PhD plan
  • enrolled at the European University Institute in Florence    

These exceptions are described in the Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration’s lockout notice for the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM) and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). 

On the other hand, the lockout will apply to you if you are doing fieldwork abroad or attending a conference abroad when the lockout begins. In these cases, the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs recommends that you contact your union and your employer.    

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PhD students who are not members of a union or who are members of one of the ‘yellow unions’ (unions which don’t strike because they are not parties to collective agreements, ed.) are not participants in the labour dispute, and will not be subject to lockout.     

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