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As a student, you might spend a lot of time wandering around campus looking for a nice, quiet spot to study. Here’s a tip: check out Museum Ovartaci on Katrinebjergvej.

2019.08.28 | Lotte Bilberg

The artist Louis Marcussen, who was known as Ovartaci, was hospitalized at the psychiatric hospital in Risskov for 56 years, from 1929 until his death in 1985. He is described as “an icon for the right of the marginalized to contribute to the world on their own terms” on the museum’s website.

Translation: Lenore Messick.

At the museum, you can explore Ovartaci’s visual universe and learn about the history of psychiatry in Denmark. And you can also find a quiet spot to get some reading done. Students are more than welcome here – in fact, the bright conservatory with its comfortable wicker furniture has WIFI just to make life easier for you.

The café is also student-friendly, with comfort food at reasonable prices (40-50 kroner). 

As a student, you don’t need to buy a ticket to the museum if you’re just looking for a place to study close to campus. You can just go down a side staircase near the main entrance that leads directly to the reading room and the cafe.

Of course, you’re also encouraged to buy a ticket to the exhibit, which explores the development of psychiatric treatment of the mentally ill in Denmark from 1852 to the current day. 


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