Three students found guilty of bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé

On 1 October at the Western High Court in Aarhus, three students were found guilty of making a bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé in December 2012.

[Translate to English:] Grafik: Astrid Reitzel

A now 24-year old student who pleaded guilty to phoning in a bomb threat on 17 December 2012 against Campus Fuglesangs Allé, was sentenced to 30 days in prison, which the court made conditional provided the student carries out 40 hours of community service.

Two other students were also charged with involvement in the case. A now 23-year-old student who had pleaded not guilty was sentenced to 20 days in prison, which was made conditional provided that she carries out 30 hours of community service. The third student was acquitted.

The judge explained in court that in passing sentence on the three students, the court had attached importance to the fact that their personal circumstances were favourable.

The public prosecutor decided to appeal the sentences to the Western High Court with a demand for tougher sentences. But the judges in the High Court decided to uphold the sentences handed down to the two students, who were also convicted in the municipal court. The third student, who was acquitted in the municipal court, was however sentenced to 20 days' conditional imprisonment by the High Court.

Translated by Peter Lambourne