20 sheep from the North Sea coast make their home in the University Park

According to university historian Palle Lykke, the woolly grounds crew was fired after just six months because “they were impossible to deal with in at least three ways”.

1. The sheep ate the  young oak seedlings planted by landscape architect Carl Theodor Sørensen and architect C.F. Møller, thereby robbing the future park of the shady canopies of majestic mature trees. 

2. Chemistry professor Hakon Lund’s lectures in the chemistry auditorium in the new university building 1340 were disturbed by the bleating of the sheep. Not that the sheep had anything in particular against Lund’s teaching. It was just that there was a nice spot out of the wind next to the auditorium.

3. A ram attacked his own reflection in one of the building’s large windowpanes.

Even after a fence was set up around 1340, there were still tensions between the university’s human and ovine populations. And that was that for the sheep.