AU students can get a 50% discount at centers in Aarhus

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Aarhus University Sport has just made an agreement with which will allow AU students to work out in all of the chain’s centers in Aarhus at an SU-friendly rate. The deal is a substitute for Aarhus University Sport’s own fitness center, which closed in 2014.

2018.04.17 | Miriam Brems

The Aarhus University Sport fitness center had to close in 2014. Right now the deal with is the best alternative, the club says. Photo: Lars Kruse

Since the Aarhus University Sport (AUS) fitness center in Trøjborg closed in 2014, AU students who want to pump iron or do the downward dog have been forced to pay for memberships in the established fitness chains. Neither the students nor AUS are pleased about the situation. 

“A lot of people have asked whether we’re going to open a new fitness center since the old one closed,” says Emma Damgaard Williams, a 4th-semester marketing and management communication student who is responsible for Aarhus University Sport’s communication. 

Although AUS hasn’t been able to sort out a new fitness center yet, the club can now offer AU students the opportunity to work out at at a 50% discount. 

“Right now, this deal is the best alternative, considering we don’t have our own fitness center,” says Williams.


  • AU students can buy an ANYTIME membership for 149 kroner per month.
  • ANYTIME normally costs 299 kroner if you’re under 24 and 399 kroner if you’re over 24.
  • Registration is free in 2018. It normally costs 299 kroner.
  • Membership gives students access to all of’s centers in Aarhus.
  • You can train at any time during the centers’ opening hours, take classes and intro classes, as well as the sauna, wellness and open air classes.
  • To take advantage of this offer, you need to bring your student ID card and a copy of the membership confirmation from the website to a center in Aarhus. Use the discount code 100p70106 when signing up online. 

Good study-life balance

With the new deal, Aarhus University sport hopes to encourage even more students to put on their gym clothes. 

“We know that sports and fitness can provide good balance in your life, and it also means that you perform better in your studies,” explains Williams. 

She’s also pleased that AUS can now offer flexible workout options, because not all students can make time for set workout times in Aarhus University Sport clubs. 

“As a student you’re busy, and a lot of them have trouble finding the time to get involved in a club. This is why we’re trying to provide sports activities in a different way, and this offer is an option for people who don’t have the time or inclination to be part of a club.” 

New gym after the summer vacation

By the beginning of next semester, Aarhus University Sport expect that a new gym will also be ready for students across from Nobel Park. Though students won’t be able to use it as a fitness center, it will benefit them in other ways, primarily through AUS’ clubs.

Translated by Lenore Messick

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