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Specific standards for authorship in the pipeline at Aarhus BSS

The faculty management team wishes to clarify and possibly also tighten up Aarhus BSS' standards for responsible conduct of research, particularly in relation to authorship.

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Vice-Dean for Research Per Baltzer Overgaard is undertaking the task. He expects to be able to present simplified standards to the employees during the autumn, and that it will be possible to apply these standards in day-to-day practice. 

The management has initiated a project to train researchers and PhD students in responsible conduct of research, among other things on the basis of the discussions across the faculties that showed how researchers had a somewhat varying approach to the topic of authorship depending on their academic background.

In the spring, the senior management team adopted a new set of rules – with associated guidelines – for responsible conduct of research that were applicable for AU as a whole. Shortly after, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen appointed the members of the new Committee for Responsible Conduct of Research, which will deal with complaints about researchers affiliated with the university.

The deans have also appointed a responsible conduct of research adviser for each of their faculties, who will be able to assist anyone participating in research activities.

Translated by Peter Lambourne