In student politics persistence pays off

Persistence pays off when it comes to seeking decision-making influence – that must be the conclusion reached by the student politicians at AU after reading the senior management team's proposal to ensure that students are involved as early as possible in decisions that impact on the students' everyday lives at the university.

[Translate to English:] Foto: Lars Kruse.

In addition to ensuring better involvement of students in the existing framework, the senior management team proposes establishing a few new formal bodies to support the involvement of students in questions relating to e.g. degree programmes, study programmes and the study environment.

The senior management team will meet with the student political organisations to discuss how to increase the inclusion of students and PhD students in future.

One option being looked at by the senior management team is the establishment of a new formal body in which student politicians and the senior management team can discuss issues that are of importance for the students.

In addition, the senior management team proposes establishing a new committee at the faculties where the dean can regularly meet with students and PhD students.

Translated by Peter Lambourne.