Demonstration for public sector employees in Aarhus

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While the conciliation board attempts to negotiate a collective agreement for public sector employees, the trade unions have announced a demonstration in Aarhus.

2018.03.19 | Lotte Bilberg

On 22 April 2017, many AU employees took to the streets in the March for Science. Almost a year later, the unions are calling on AU employees to participate in a demonstration with a completely different focus – the breakdown in the OK18 public sector collective agreement negotiations.

Invitation to demonstration. Click to enlarge.

“Grab your co-worker or your family and show up early – we’re going to be a big crowd.”

The trade unions are encouraging all public sector employees to participate in a demonstration this Thursday in Aarhus. 

Speakers will include the chairperson of the Danish Union of Teachers, Anders Bondo Christiansen; the chairperson of the Danish Nurses’ Organization, Grethe Christensen; Nanna Højlund, deputy chairperson of the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and Flemming Vinter, chair of the army’s enlisted private and corporal association (HKKF).

The MC will be Sebastian Dorset, standup comedian, public speaker and writer, and Shaka Loveless will perform – to help keep the demonstrators warm while they wait. 

Who: Public sector employees

When: Thursday 22 March 17.00-19.00 (5pm - 7pm)

Place: Store Torv in Aarhus

Translated by Lenore Messick

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