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Omnibus is Aarhus University’s newspaper.  

We publish independent journalism and news for AU’s students, employees and the wider community throughout the academic year.

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Green spots and urban gardens

The University Park is not the only green spot at Aarhus University:

  • AU Garden: Community Garden with focus on social gardening and sustainability. 
  • Greenshare Garden: Community Garden near AU's campus in Aarhus
  • Fuldt Flor: Small oasis next to Ny Munkegade where wild flowers grow and attract insects and birds. Hang out and enjoy nature in the city.
  • #AUSustainability: Community for students and staff who share the interest for sustainability and green awareness.

Conquer the rain - and don't be afraid to look stupid

If you are going to survive the 200 rainy days in Denmark, you need the right gear. International students on their first encounter with the weird Danish weather – and expert tips on how to stay warm and dry (but not classy – you can’t have it all).

Study start: New at Aarhus University? Here's a guide!

Campus guides

Aarhus University is based in Aarhus, Herning and Emdrup near Copenhagen.

Guide: New in Denmark - and at AU?

In this guide, four international students who have all been studying at AU for at least one semester share the top tips they wish they’d known when they arrived.

The guide has three sections: 

  1. Meeting Denmark and the Danes: Good at English – and hard to get to know?
  2. Campus life: Accessible professors and nude races
  3. Danish food: Delicious pork and mouthwatering cakes – but what is up with all that licorice?

Map & reviews: Friday Bars at Aarhus University

MAP: Get ready to explore the Friday bars at Aarhus University. Cheers!

REVIEWS: Omnibus is reviewing the Friday bars at Aarhus University: 

Big student events at AU

There’s a lot going on at AU – Here are some of the top annual events:

  • The Regatta - the battle for the Golden Bedpan: The Regatta sounds fancy, but it’s actually a glorified beer relay race involving homemade rafts and silly costumes on a rather small pond. But 30,000 spectators show up for it every year, which makes it Northern Europe’s biggest student-organized event. The Regatta takes place every spring in the University Park. 
  • Denmark's biggest Friday bar and sports day: Every year in connection with AU’s annual celebration in mid-September, the Student Council and Aarhus Universitets-Sport (AUS) invite all advanced degree students in Aarhus to a party in the University Park, with sports tournaments and live music. This year the event i held 9 September. 
  • Aarhus Symposium: A student-organized symposium held every autumn under the slogan ‘Connecting leaders of today with leaders of tomorrow’. A lot of prominent top executives have guested Aarhus Symposium over the years. This year, Aarhus Symposium will take place on 4 November. 
  • The Student's Council Commencenment Fair: Every year, the Student Council hosts an commencenment fair during the intro week. Three days of great offers and free stuff for students from businesses and organisations. This year, the academic fair takes place the 29th-31st August.
  • TÅGEKAMMERET Saint Lucia's procession: According to the social committee at the natural sciences faculty, Tågekammeret, Saint Lucia’s Day is a really good excuse to put on a dress and sing off-key. And it’s become an annual event at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Aarhus. The whole circus culminates when the procession of lovely young things from Tågekammeret reaches the Rector’s Office, where the rector usually joins the parade. See photos from a Saint Lucia’s Day procession. Saint Lucias Day is 13 December. 

The Spirit of the Yellow Brick

Aarhus University is famous for its unique architecture and design. But what is so special about the seemingly ordinary yellow brick buildings and the many oak trees in the University Park?

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