How we work

We send out two reviewers who start by hanging out in the bar for a while without making themselves known in order to get an impression of the atmosphere in the bar and the facilities.

As a Friday bar typically evolves from afternoon to evening, we make ourselves known and talk to guests and volunteers to get an impression of how the bar usually changes and what sort of mood the bar is hoping to achieve.

We don’t grade on a scale. The Friday bars at AU are very different, so it can be difficult to compare and judge using the same criteria. Instead, we summarise our review in plus and minus sections.

Omnibus reviews Friday bars

Like your favourite pair of jeans – doesn’t try too hard

The beer is cold and cheap, the tables are long, and behind the bar a golden woman’s leg promises to get you drunk. All the basic ingredients of a good Friday bar can be found at, where the atmosphere is unpretentious.


Nano Bar is a manifestation of Minttu

Despite the sterile environment, a penchant for Minttu might be enough to kick start a party. But not every Friday. Nano Bar is an emotionally cold meeting place for the small programme, but, every other week, they warm up for action on the dancefloor.

Katrines Kælder

Katrines Kælder always turns wild – even on a quiet day

The party atmosphere in Katrines Kælder is unavoidable. This Friday bar is known for its engineering-themed wall decorations, large selection of discounted drinks and lively atmosphere – even in the overlit, classroom-like room without music, it’s difficult not to get carried away.


FRED gives out slaps over the counter

The Friday bar at the history department is not a place to start your night out; it reportedly only gets going later in the evening. But the bar staff keep themselves in top condition with vodka slaps. The small room adorned with historical figures is easy to feel at home in but difficult to squeeze your way through when it’s full.


Kalkulerbar is a convenient, makeshift Friday bar – but you won’t stay all night

Kalkulerbar is not an intimately located Friday bar with loud voices and a dance floor, but rather a quiet bar in a corridor with large windows. The makeshift bar offers board games and cheap shots – and is a good place to start your evening.