Campus guide: The Student House is the centre of everything, cheap lunch at Karma and volume discounts on coffee

AU's campus area extends beyond the borders of the University Park and all the way to Herning with around 1,200 students studying here. But where do you find the cheapest beer, the best coffee and the coolest party at the university's central Jutland outpost? Two students share their best tips.

[Translate to English:] Campus i Herning byder på masser af fede studieaktiviteter. Foto: Anders Trærup/AU Kommunikation
Alexander Weinreich Bonde er en af de studerende, der har sin daglige gang på campus i Herning. Foto: Privat.


Julie Sofie Clausen, studying strategy, organisation and management and on the first semester of her Master’s.

Alexander Weinreich Bonde, studying economics and business administration and also on the first semester of his Master’s.

Finding some cheap lunch and coffee in the vicinity:

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "You can visit the Herning shopping centre and eat at Karma. They’ve got really cheap lunch. For example, they’ve got a lunch menu where you can eat for sixty kroner. If you need a cup of coffee you can visit the Student House in the middle of the campus."

Julie Sofie Clausen: "There isn’t much in Birk (a building on campus with small start-up businesses, ed.) in the way of lunch and coffee, but you can buy both in the cafeteria at AU or in the innovation building Innovarium on the other side of the road. Coffee is cheaper if you buy it by the jug. Otherwise you can cycle into Herning where you can get cheap food in supermarkets like Rema1000 or Netto.”

Where to find out about events on campus?

Julie Sofie Clausen: "You can keep track of what’s happening on campus on Facebook. The pages you should follow are SAA (Student Activity Association) AU-ibt, Birk Campus, The Fridaybar AU Herning and Aarhus BSS Career Herning."

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "On Facebook the Birk Campus page is good if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on around campus. There are also a lot of associations and pages depending on what you’re studying. is also good if you want to know what’s happening on campus. Otherwise there are info boards and posters in the Student House. If you live on campus you’ll also see flyers with information."

Here you can get cheap drinks - both on and off campus:

Julie Sofie Clausen: "At the Student House on campus. Otherwise there’s always the possibility of going into Herning. The trip costs around 145 kroner by taxi or twenty kroner by train or bus without a travel card. Of course, prices in Herning are higher than at the Student House. You can often find other students at bars like The Fox, Dansebar & Einstein, or the Old Irish."

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "The Student House has a quiz in the evening of the first Tuesday of each month and is open every Thursday evening. There’s also a big party once a month and a late-night lounge every month, which is more of a cosy evening with board games. If you’re a member of the Student House, which costs less than a hundred kroner per month, you can drink for around a third of what it costs in Herning. The Old Irish is cosy and you can sit and have a beer or watch football, or if you want more action, then you can visit Einstein."

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Where are the best places for in-depth study and swotting for exams?

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "There are lots of good places, including next to the library where there’s a study lounge with plenty of peace and quiet. It also depends a little on what you’re doing. If you’re working on a project in a group, you can book a classroom."

Julie Sofie Clausen: "If you’re quick, you can book a room on campus. Otherwise there’s the university library, or in town."

Don't miss out on:

Julie Sofie Clausen: "All the events in September, you ought to go to everything, you really don't want to miss anything!"

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "Tour des Chambres: All residents at Birk Campus can sign up to hold a themed party in their apartment. Then you go from room to room before ending up with a party at the Student House. Students who live off campus are also welcome. There is also Birk League, which is a football tournament that runs throughout the spring. It ends with a big outdoor all-day party with lots of activities, including a beer bowling competition."

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Your life as a student is not complete without:

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "You have to be a member of the Student House. There are many really good events and you’ll get to know loads of people. Don’t forget to visit the Friday bars too."

When student life gets tough, you can find help here:

Julie Sofie Clausen: "At AU Career, AU Studies Administration or your student counsellor."

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "You can drop by the career centre and get help and guidance about your studies. We’ve also got mentor schemes, if you find the academic aspect difficult. The counselling and support unit can help if you’re having trouble psychologically or with exam stress and the like. There is also a student priest. But you can always go to the career centre and they’ll guide you in the right direction."

One final piece of good advice:

Julie Sofie Clausen: "Don’t miss the events that are going on in September. They will help you get a good start and a bigger network."

Alexander Weinreich Bonde: "Be socially active and participate in all the events here. Your studies are what you make them. If you come to the parties and the social stuff, you’ll meet loads of people and then you’ll definitely get more out of your studies."